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    Introduction of the Department of Finance

      In recent years, the City Government spent approximately NT$ 130 billions budget on administrative activities and policy's implementation each year. As a result, the management of public funds has become an important sector of public administration. The Department of Finance plays the role as a public funds' manager, through the professional knowledge and abilities of financial management to promote effective use of the public budget as well as to improve operational efficiency of organization.

    Service oriented is the principal of the modern government. It strives to respond to the need of the people rapidly. Due to the restriction of limited resources, public sector often finds itself running short of options as it attempts to provide more diversified and higher quality of public services. As the financial management division of the City Government, it is our responsibility to raise funds to support the municipal administration. In the future, through the promotion of the concept of 3Ps (Participation, Privatization and Partnerships) we except to enhance the integration, utilization and management of the overall resources to avoid or reduce the misplacement of resources and to help the City Government provide more securities and benefits for the people. It is our ultimate goal to create a complexion in which both the public and private sectors win.

    Last update:2016-04-25
Address:2F., No.120, Zhongzheng Rd., Hsinchu City, 300, Taiwan, ROC 
Hours:Monday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00
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